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The best place for you to find field bred English Cocker Spaniels in Atlanta, GA is here at our facility, the Kinchafoonee Kennels. Like many pet owners, we here at the Kennels have the philosophy that a pet is family, and that it should be treated in a manner similar to family members. The parents of all of our animals are well trained parents, and are highly sociable themselves, so they pass on all those good qualities to their puppies, which we make available for sale to clients in the area.

All animals that we offer for sale are well socialized, and make great companions for everyone in your household, so they are ideal as new family pets. When you bring one of our puppies into your home and have it grow up along with your children, you’ll be very impressed at what loving dogs they become, and how playful they are with youngsters, and with older family members as well.

Our puppies are also ingrained with good health and temperament, because we raise them in the healthiest conditions, and we make sure they are all provided with the nutrition they require to make them grow optimally. Our workers socialize often with the puppies to encourage them to be social, as well and to develop those qualities which make them such fun to be with, when they are adopted by the right family.

 They have the agility, the persistence, and the determination to be excellent hunting dogs, which you will find highly advantageous on all your hunting trips for game birds and other small game.

We have a wonderful reputation as pet breeders for raising only the highest quality puppies with beautiful temperaments that make them ideal pets, but that’s only one side of our field bred English Cocker spaniels.

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