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One of the services we specialize in at Kinchafoonee Kennels is raising flushing dogs in Atlanta, GA, which can be used to help you hunt, and to make each recreational foray into the field a wonderful experience with your pet and companion. We make it a point to keep many flushing dogs on hand in our kennels, so they can pass on their instincts and their good qualities to newborn flush puppies.

We train some of the animals here ourselves, taking them through field training, pointing and retrieving, but if you want to adopt an animal and do all the training yourself, that’s fine too, and it will ensure that the dog is trained exactly the way you want it to be. Once your pet receives gundog training, it will be ready to accompany you on all your game birds and small game hunts, and flush out game animals for you.

We have only cute puppies and adorable puppies for sale here at Kinchafoonee Kennels, so when you purchase one from us and take it to its new forever home, everyone in your household will be thrilled to welcome the new family member and take it to heart as part of the family.

Hunting and recreational dogs are very popular in the state of Georgia, and our flushing dogs are one of the most popular breeds around, partly because they’re so lovable and affectionate and make such good companions, and also partly because their services are so invaluable on hunting and recreation trips.

If you are interested in purchasing a flushing dog, or inquiring about any puppies that we might have available for sale, call us at Kinchafoonee Kennels in Atlanta, GA, or contact us via this website with any inquiries you may have. You’ll be very glad y

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