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Everyone is looking for hunting dogs in Atlanta, GA and as hunting dog trainers, we at Kinchafoonee Kennels do our best to breed and raise the very finest hunting dogs anywhere in the area. Our breeding quality is the very best, and we raise our puppies in the perfect environment to hone their instincts and skills as bird-dog puppies, and eventually as invaluable bird dogs.
Our dogs are almost all field bred dogs and field raised dogs, which means they have generations of hunting instincts ingrained into them, which makes them easier to train, and raises the ceiling on how good they can actually become as hunting dogs. Our training procedures here make use of the most realistic hunting environments, which simulate field conditions, and include realistic reproductions of many of the same small game animals that hunting dogs would encounter in the Georgia countryside.

After we have educated our growing puppies in the arts of pointing, flushing, and retrieving, we prepare hunt tests for them to check on their progress, and determine which areas they need additional training on, if any. We go through this exhaustive training with our hunting dogs in Atlanta, GA, so that you don’t have to yourself, unless you wish to supplement the dog’s training in some way.

We always have puppies available at Kinchafoonee Kennels, which will not only make great hunting dogs for all your small game hunts, but will also be highly sociable and provide great companionship for every member of the family. In addition to their training as hunting dogs, our puppies are all encouraged to be highly sociable and loving.

Call us today to inquire about hunting dogs that we have available, or about acquiring one of our trained puppies, which you can make the newest member of your family.​

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